Spring is such an exciting time to photograph.  It’s especially fun for macro subjects like flowers.  There are so many options that it’s often hard to know where to start.  One of my favorites is tulips.  It’s best to get down low at eye level with the subject.  I always, I mean always, use manual focus with my macro lens  because you want to control what’s in focus.  The focus point can make or break a macro image in my mind.  It’s a very creative area and flowers in particular lend themselves to all kinds of abstracts and fun with color.

In this image of a red tulip, I was in Holland and was even lucky enough to have some raindrops on my subject for added interest.  Cloudy days with no wind are best, but sometimes we can’t always get those.  Early mornings are great too especially in spring because you might have some dew laying around on your subjects.  If not, a spray bottle of water works too.

Red Tulip with Grape Hyacinths

Red Tulip with Grape Hyacinths

Another idea, in case you don’t have a clean background, is to round up some colored matte board (or other colored material you have on hand) and stand it behind your subject.

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