Personal Work Keeps the Creative Juices Flowing

After taking some time over the past year to re-invent my photography and move into a more commercial, assignment driven direction, I thought the wild and crazy stuff would cease; you know, braving -25 degree temps for those one of a kind snow shots or getting up in the dark to go hike to a fabulous sunrise vista or to do night photography, but it turns out to be quite the opposite.  It seems I find myself  discovering a new level of inspiration for my fine art photography.  While the commercial work has given me new challenges, my personal work is taking a new direction as well.  It has become my escape from the office so to speak and it has even helped spark a new self-project of creating new work from the thousands of images I have in my library.  This self-project will take some time but that’s the idea since it’s supposed to be an escape.  Plus, I have to focus on my clients first and foremost.

In my excitement of finding some new inspiration, I went off on a tangent this spring and created some canvas prints with my Epson 9600 in anticipation of doing a small show during the summer months.  These prints weren’t your average 8×10 or 11×14, they were in the range of 40×60 and they were dynamite.  As luck would have it, not only did I get that summer show, I was invited to hang my work in a local gallery in Philipsburg, MT, called West Wind Gallery and Framing right on main street.  People really enjoyed the large prints and sales have been steady considering the economics of today’s art environment, especially in a small town.  So, my spring printing frenzy turned out to be a wonderful introduction of my work while also giving me a new means for sharing my passion with others.

West Wind Gallery and Framing has many artistic pieces to offer. If you’re passing through western Montana, take a day to check it out and maybe I’ll see you there.

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