Signs of Spring at Lake Jocassee, SC

Recently I had the opportunity to take a boat ride on Lake Jocassee in South Carolina as part of a Master Naturalist class.  The Loons were still around and naturally I was eager to capture these winter residents.  Until this class, my loon knowledge was from seeing them in the 1980’s movie with Katherine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, On Golden Pond.  Who knew they actually migrate to this lake in the South Carolina foothills but they are pretty spectacular.  They like clear waters since they are sight feeders and they can dive 200 feet and stay down for Continue reading

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It’s Snowing, Time to Go Out and Play

Many folks in the southeast moan and groan about the snow and ice when it decides to show up.  Granted, it can be frustrating, but mainly because everything gets closed down, especially roads in the Smokies and along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  So, one has to get creative about where to find places to play with the camera.

The backyard works but be ready.  Keep bird feeders filled and shelters available.  It’s good to have some nice perches around too making photos more attractive so that the feeders can be excluded.  Here, I used some Photoshop Filters Continue reading

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Book Featured on NANPA Blog

Back in September, The North American Nature Photographer’s Association, NANPA, asked me if I would write a blog post for their website about Places.  I volunteered and chose to write about Montana and the book I did on Highway One.  You can read the post at:

To learn more about NANPA, visit

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Super Moon

It’s almost time for another Super Moon, coming up August 10th!  We’re lucky to have three occurrences this year and they are really spectacular if you can find just the right vista.  I just happened to be driving into a thunderstorm when I caught this Super Moon back in July.

Super Moon July 2014

Super Moon July 2014

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Spring is such an exciting time to photograph.  It’s especially fun for macro subjects like flowers.  There are so many options that it’s often hard to know where to start.  One of my favorites is tulips.  It’s best to get down low at eye level with the subject.  I always, I mean always, use manual focus with my macro lens  because you want to control what’s in focus.  The focus point can make or break a macro image in my mind.  It’s a very creative area and flowers in particular lend themselves to all kinds of abstracts Continue reading

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Photographing Snow

Snow, it comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures.  Snow is as fine as sugar or as heavy as whipped cream.  Notice a trend toward the sweet side?  I’m a Southerner so my sweet tooth comes out naturally; which is unfortunate for my waistline but that’s another topic altogether.

Oftentimes the conditions for photographing snow can be challenging.  It’s either bitterly cold so that you’re freezing in seconds Continue reading

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Featured in Fall Issue of Distinctly Montana Magazine

Check out the current issue of Distinctly Montana magazine.  On page 49 is a feature they did about my book, The Pintler Scenic Highway.  You can read it online.


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My New Book, Polar Opposites, is Now Available

In May, I finally finished my book project on the Polar regions called Polar Opposites:  Exploring Beyond 60 and it’s now available for purchase.  This book encompasses 15 years of travel and photography to some remote and often once in a lifetime destinations.  It includes a discussion about the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic and is a wonderful collection of imagery from these unique regions of our planet.

In this book you will find polar bears, King Penguins, arctic fox, walrus, albatross, black-billed murres, dovekies, and much more.  The landscapes of the Arctic and the Antarctic are amazing and so very beautiful and there are panoramic photographs that show this in detail.  Calving glaciers, glistening icebergs and even a mother polar bear hunting a seal for her two cubs are captured in this 182 page, full color hardcover publication.

To order a copy, you can go to Polar Opposites: Exploring Beyond 60° or you may contact me via email from my website to purchase an autographed version.

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Adobe Moves to a Subscription Based Model for Software Products

Adobe recently announced it’s new subscription based method for using their Creative Suite Products, which includes Photoshop, InDesign, and many others.  This means you can no longer buy an upgrade.  Now, you must pay monthly for each product you own in order to keep current updates.  While the price can be as little as $10 a month, it can get pretty expensive when you start looking at three or more products for an annual subscription.  I’m not happy about it which is the case for many, especially photographers but I look at it like the switch from film to digital.  None of us who had been using film for many years were comfortable with this newfound technology but you either jumped on the bus or got left behind.  Now digital is all the rage and film has become an arena for the historic fine arts.

The verdict is still out for me and this new subscription strategy but as with all technology, change is the one thing that’s’ constant; it’s constantly changing.

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New Firmware Available for the Canon 5D Mark III

Back in October 2012, Canon announced it would be providing a firmware update for the Canon 5DM3 to enable cross-type AF support at f/8 and uncompressed HDMI output.

On April 30th that firmware update arrived.  I’ve installed it and tested it and it’s great to finally have these features.  The cross-type AF support has been long overdue and I had practically stopped using my teleconverters because of this restriction.  Also, editing video should be better too since this update provides more flexibiltiy.

For more information:  Canon 5DM3 Firmware Update.

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