My New Book, Polar Opposites, is Now Available

In May, I finally finished my book project on the Polar regions called Polar Opposites:  Exploring Beyond 60 and it’s now available for purchase.  This book encompasses 15 years of travel and photography to some remote and often once in a lifetime destinations.  It includes a discussion about the differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic and is a wonderful collection of imagery from these unique regions of our planet.

In this book you will find polar bears, King Penguins, arctic fox, walrus, albatross, black-billed murres, dovekies, and much more.  The landscapes of the Arctic and the Antarctic are amazing and so very beautiful and there are panoramic photographs that show this in detail.  Calving glaciers, glistening icebergs and even a mother polar bear hunting a seal for her two cubs are captured in this 182 page, full color hardcover publication.

To order a copy, you can go to Polar Opposites: Exploring Beyond 60° or you may contact me via email from my website to purchase an autographed version.

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