Montana Alpine Wildflowers Abound

In Montana, you can reach the top of the mountain and the rewards are many.  At 9,000+ feet in altitude, tiny alpine flowers manage to put on a show unlike anything you’ll see at lower elevations.  Ok, that might be an exaggeration but it’s still mesmerizing to witness.

Magnificent View from Anaconde- Pintler Wilderness Area

Magnificent View from Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Area

Indian Paintbrush coupled with Meadow Buttercups, it’s a color show that changes with each switchback up the mountain.

Indian Paintbrush and Meadow Buttercup

Indian Paintbrush and Meadow Buttercup

Many of the flowers at the top of this high altitude destination show up as miniatures.  The wind, lack of water, and low temperatures don’t allow them to get more than an inch tall and some just become little mattes of color like the phlox and forget-me-nots.

A Collage of MT Alpine Wildflowers

A Collage of MT Alpine Wildflowers

From top left:  Alpine Forget-me-not (Eritrichium nanum), Alpine Anemone ( A. drummondii) with the blue color under the flower petals, Sandwort, Indian Paintbrush with Elk Thistle and Stika Valerian, Aster, Moss Phlox (Phlox hoodii), Tufted Phlox (pink, P. caespitosa), Buckwheat (amazing coloration not seen very often), Lemhi Penstemon, and Cut-leaved Anemone (Anemone multifida).

There are some species that are specific to alpine areas so I’m still working on getting those named and I’ll update the list once I get them identified.

Meanwhile, be sure to find your alpine magic this summer!

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