Exploring Ice!

Ice or frozen water is an amazing phenomenon. It can take on many forms that can make us laugh while at the same time be extremely hazardous. During winter we take for granted the real beauty of ice so I got out the macro lens and started to explore a bit and this is what I found.

A wide angle view shows mostly white crystals but check out the next image.

Up really close, different forms begin to show that don’t look anything like the wide angle view. It’s another world, one only seen when up close like this photo reveals. Incredible!

While hiking in winter, I often come upon Ice Castles or “Needle Ice” shown here. These castles form when the air temperature drops below freezing while the ground is still warm. Water in the soil freezes as the it comes in contact with the air.

I could go on and on but there are too many forms to cover. One still on my list of nice-to-have are snowflakes. These little ticklers form when water vapor turns directly into ice, skipping the liquid stage altogether. I still haven’t captured the perfect snowflake yet so back to work while winter still lingers.

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