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Exploring Ice!

Ice or frozen water is an amazing phenomenon. It can take on many forms that can make us laugh while at the same time be extremely hazardous. During winter we take for granted the real beauty of ice so I … Continue reading

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A New Book Series is Launched

Finally, after many years of gathering images, I have put together the first in a series of books from my Montana adventures.  This is a coffee table book of beautiful scenes and abstracts of the winter landscape.  Montana winters are … Continue reading

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It’s Snowing, Time to Go Out and Play

Many folks in the southeast moan and groan about the snow and ice when it decides to show up.  Granted, it can be frustrating, but mainly because everything gets closed down, especially roads in the Smokies and along the Blue … Continue reading

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Photographing Snow

Snow, it comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures.  Snow is as fine as sugar or as heavy as whipped cream.  Notice a trend toward the sweet side?  I’m a Southerner so my sweet tooth comes out naturally; which is … Continue reading

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Winter Photography

Winter can be a slow time of year but it can also be a great time to focus on some area of photography that you enjoy.  Being a big fan of the outdoors, I often challenge myself to seek out … Continue reading

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Create a Falling Snow Effect in Photoshop

December often makes us think of snow with all the holiday activities and the gift-giving buzz in the air.  It seemed appropriate to share a Photoshop technique for creating a snow effect especially for those who may not see snow … Continue reading

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