About the Artist

Pam Barbour is an accomplished digital imaging consultant, an award-winning photographer, a Certified Interpretative Guide (CIG) and Certified Master Naturalist who has traveled extensively to pursue her ambitions in digital imaging and the natural world. She has photographed on every continent with the exception of Australia which is still pending. After 20 years in the information technology industry, Pam decided to follow her passion of working with computer imaging and photography. Having worked with 35mm and 4x5 film for over 10 years, she welcomed the digital age of photography.  Pam now combines computer skills with photography expertise to enhance her creativity in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital photography.

Utilizing her naturalist skills through interpretative programs, Pam shares her imagery to help others learn about nature. She hopes that they will be inspired to help protect and conserve the environment to ensure it is enjoyed by future generations!

Pam writes a blog to share information about naturalist topics with tips on digital photography added in here and there.   Look for links on plant identification, wildlife habits, and beautiful places to catch a sunset or a sunrise, and much, much more.

She is a member of NAI, KelbyOne (formly NAPP), NANPA and The Nature Conservancy and is an active volunteer in many conservation programs. Pam is a Certifed Interpretative Guide (CIG) and a Certified Master Naturalist in South Carolina and Montana.




Pam understands the frustrations associated with digital photography, so she helps others through seminars and photography workshops. Pam simplifies the technical complexity and helps individuals establish workable solutions for their digital environment through a one-on-one program of learning. She is a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop (ACE) with over 15 years of experience.

Personal Projects

Pam's images have been published in magazines and publications like Natures Best, Cowboys and Indians, Montana Outdoors, JAKES (NWTF), Nature Photographer, Our State of North Carolina, Camera in the Wild, Teldon Calendars and Leanin' Tree. Pam served on the Carolina's Nature Photography Association (CNPA) Board of Directors for 4 years and wrote a column entitled, Digital Naturally, for the CNPA newsletter, Camera in the Wild, for 6 years. She was the treasurer and a board member for ASMP-SC in 2013-14.

She won Honorable Mention in Nature's Best Landscape division in 2006 and participated in their exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Her images have been exhibited in the Carolinas, Montana, and select art shows. She has published five books: The Pintler Scenic Highway and Wildlife Portraits, both available on Amazon.com; Kenya: A Sanctuary of Wildlife and Polar Opposites: Exploring Beyond 60° all available via amazon.com.   Pam can provide immediate turnaround of high resolution images for your projects whether it be a complete virtual tour or a single fine art print. 


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